The non-payment of tax is an abuse of human rights

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It's been argued on the blog this morning that:

Taking an individual’s property infringes their human rights, and so any form of tax is depriving a person of their rights and can be seen as an abuse. 

This was my response (edited slightly):

Property rights are created by law.

Tax is also created by the same process of law.

Tax is as a result a property right belonging to a government.

It is widely agreed that corporations can have property rights, and indeed human rights. It follows that governments can do so too.

That resulting right to tax  has the consequence that an individual's right to hold property is stated net of the tax due on that property's acquisition.

The right to continue to hold the property is therefore conditional on paying that tax or the right to own it is forfeited.

It is therefore the non-payment of tax that is an infringement of property rights and an abuse of the human rights of government ands those that it represents.

I may do some more on this later but let it be said now that this argument that tax is an abuse of rights is one with which I will have no truck.