Health and tax justice

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I will be spending much of today with medical professionals. They're also activists. We'll be talking about health care and tax justice.

In my opinion the two are inextricably linked. Tax justice is, I think correctly, focussed on the mechanisms for creating appropriate and fair distributions of both liability and collection within tax systems, but I know of no one who is linked to it that does not think this is a process linked to tax outcomes.

Good healthcare for all is a tax outcome; it cannot happen without tax. I am well aware there are those on the right who argue otherwise but I do not think either the USA or Singapore prove otherwise.

The questions for the day then are to ask how these links be made explicit and how can awareness of them be raised?

Right now the link between austerity and services has become apparent, but that focusses on the spend element of the tax and spend cycle. What about the tax bit?

And does tax have a greater role to play in creating healthy behaviour?

Is it appropriate as well to ask about the tax dimensions of NHS privatisation - where, I can assure you,mtax havens feature in a big way?

Plus, is the NHS the right way to draw attention to the tax gap?

I am sure these are some if the questions that will be asked. And there will be others, I am sure.