You shall not miss your hospital appointment – says the Taxpayers’ Alliance

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The Taxpayers' Alliance is absurd. Everyone but the Mail and Express knows that. Their latest book of government waste does, however, take some beating.

Amongst the £120 billion of waste they say government is responsible for and which could be saved is £14 billion of tax evasion.

Hang on guys! Don't you realise at the TPA that tax evaded money is cash the  government does not get? And in that case that it's impossible for the government to waste it?

Likewise, don't you realise at the TPA that it's not the government who wastes £769 million on missed hospital appointments? That's the fault of the people who don't turn up. What do you want the government to do? Fine them all £100 and then spend £1.5 billion chasing the debt?

You couldn't make this stuff up.....