Why the Tories appoint men

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There is much comment in papers today about Tory appointments of rich men to Quangos.

Let's not beat about the bush on this; it's just sexism. And it could be dismissed as that alone.

But there is another reason for it - sexist too, I add, but explicable within the Tory framework - which is that the appointees are linked to funding in some cases, and it is men who have the money to donate. This graph explains:

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 07.51.49

This comes from the personal income statistics for 2011-12 and the income distribution is so obviously sexist that it should jump out to anyone. But to then appoint on the basis of those who have cash is just to compound that fact, but that is what seems to be happening.

The graph indicates a situation that is bad enough. To reinforce the trend is much worse. That is what this government seems to be doing.