Why Danny Dorling is amongst the real elite

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Danny Dorling has just accepted a chair at Oxford. I suggest that this is why:

The elite is shrinking. It really is now only 1% of the population who are maintaining their very high standard of living. The majority of graduates, even from a university like Oxford, cannot expect to fit within that 1% even if they all wished to only do the kinds of jobs that pay so much. The majority of all our young people should expect to see their standard of living fall in future, or they need to learn how to better control the richest people in our society. The 1% are disproportionately made up not of people who are most able, but of those who are most greedy and least concerned about the rights, feelings and welfare of other people.

You have to know the meaning of courage to write like that when you're being appointed to Oxford.

That makes Danny part of a rare elite - those willing to tell the truth.