Why does George Osborne dislike small business so much?

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I've published a blog this morning on George Osborne's £10 billion giveaway a year to big business. That's based on the amount of tax that between now and 2019 he is giving away in tax breaks to big business meaning that the tax they pay is likely to fall over that period.

I think the split of corporation tax paid between big and small business over the coming years will look like this:

Now note what's happening. Big business is paying less. And I may be generous here: the FT is trumpeting this morning that big companies saw their tax bills fall by 25% last year. But small business is going to pay a lot more. OK, I accept that it is thought that there are going to be a lot more small businesses but the fact remains that only one sector is getting a tax break and that's big business.

And yet big business already has access to all the capital it needs; indeed it's reported to be sitting on hundreds of billions in cash.

And big business already has all the advantages of access to markets.

And big business does not generate new jobs in the UK, small business does.

But it's big business that is getting the breaks.

Why does George Osborne dislike small business so much? Maybe someone should ask him.