The pundit and lone voice

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Because they had quoted me I looked at the Accountancy Age website this morning and then noticed I was in their Financial Power List for 2014, in which they place me at 29:

29 Richard Murphy, pundit and founder of Tax Justice UK
The self-styled "lone voice" of tax has long been the loudest, and Murphy shows no sign of cooling off in his quest for a fairer tax system. Frequently featured on television and radio, Murphy's views are closely aligned with those of Hodge, while he is sure to take a keen interest in the progress of the OECD's attempts to tackle tax base erosion and profit-shifting.

The report's wrong: I am founder of Tax Research UK, but they're right. I am showing no sign of cooling off.

And If I am the loudest (and I cannot tell; cue jokes about my being deafened by my own noise) I am very definitely not alone. Which is why this campaign works. The Tax Justice Network, the union movement, NGOs such as Christian Aid, Oxfam and ActionAid, and many politically aware people are all key components in the campaign for reform. I just blog more.