If most are to have a chance the next election has to be different

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A few days ago I published a tweet suggesting that if the next election was to make a difference then the campaign had to be deeply partisan. Polly Toynbee has the same theme in the Guardian this morning, saying:

This time there is no safe option. With growth returning, only a frontal assault can turn people against the complacent and inept nastiness of Cameron and Osborne economics.

My work has a bias to the poor within it. I happen to think all of conscience and faith should have such bias because the system is already stacked against those with least. When the party that is the majority partner in the government is now so clearly acting against the best interests of the majority in this country the next election is no time for other parties to ape them; it is time for outright opposition.

Nothing less will do if politics is to speak to most people in the UK, or whatever is left of it by then.