Every day large numbers of lawyers are proven to be wrong

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Dealing with commentators on this blog reminds me of a story I was told a long time ago, I think by my father.

Every day two lawyers go into court rooms all over the world to argue their case and every day 50% of them are proved to be wrong.

Does it mean they should not have argued the case? Of course not.

Does it mean all the losing lawyers are bad, or even ignorant fools? No, of course not. It just means they have disappointed clients.

Some who comment here might be wise to remember that disagreement is fine. Persuading me I am wrong can happen. But just telling me I'm a provincial ex-accountant (when I'm actually very much a current one) is not an argument; it's just an insult.

And anyone commenting would also be wise to note, my aim is very often to change the law. I fly kites to find out what alternative opinion is. I don't lose by doing so. I just learn as a result.

And like the lawyer who lost, I brush myself down, have supper, and move on to fight the next day, because that's what my job is. So as far as I'm concerned, whether there's agreement or disagreement, it's pretty much an each way bet.