In praise of the Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs’ blog

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I mentioned yesterday the demise of the Liberal Conspiracy blog, which will be much missed.

It seems only appropriate in the circumstances to promote another blog that some might want to look at. This is that of the Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs - or AABA for short.

Now I should disclose I am a member of AABA and have been funded by it in the past. It's run by my old friend and co-author Prof Prem Sikka and as blogs go its unusual in that it is simply run as a series of links, like this:

Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 13.18.07

There's never an article - juts more links. But that's its whole reason for being: it is just about the best place to go to find out all the links you'll need to find to articles as they happen on tax and accounting - and what's wrong in those areas.

I strongly recommend it. And its archive goes back to 1999. As a research tool that also makes it invaluable. It should be a part of an activists daily monitoring activity.