Could a change in the government of Luxembourg provide chance for a tax haven breakthrough?

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I was encouraged by this report in the FT this morning:

The political career of Luxembourg’s premier Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU’s longest-standing prime minister, was on the line on Sunday night after his conservative party suffered significant losses in the country’s national elections.

The report continued:

According to the projections, the liberal and socialist parties won 13 seats each, while the greens secured six, which combined would give them 32 out of 60 seats — enough to oust Mr Juncker.

Juncker has been in office since 1995 and has been a consistent obstacle to tax haven reform in Europe.  The chance for change is one that must give hope to anyone who has hope for real reform on behalf of the people of Europe.

I do not think transparency would break out over night. It would not. But change gives opportunity and I hope it happens.