You can’t govern when some in government don’t believe in the job they’re doing

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The US has backed away from a budget crisis for now.

The Republican right has been defeated,by all accounts, for now.

But only for now.

The fact is that they tried to use their power in elected office to stop the process of government they were elected to undertake. And there's the problem. Of course difference of view on the scale of government and its priorities exist and are the lifeblood of debate. But when some oppose the process of government itself - as seems increasingly common in the narrative of the right - then democracy itself is at risk as the combined consent to the rocess of government which is essential to make it work has been withdrawn. The result is quite literally government ceasing to function.

This is not some minor threat. This threatens us all and our way of life.

And this is not the American dream. It looks like the end of it.

It has not happened in the UK yet. But it could, very easily. And that is deeply troubling.

Government requires those who are elected to believe in he job they're doing. We have a form of entryism going on now by those who are in government to prevent it functioning. That's the biggest threat democracy has faced for a long time.