It just takes a Republican or two for it all to go wrong

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As I've just noted, the FT is this morning singing the praises of the IMF increasing its UK growth forecast this morning.

Martin Wolf is much more sanguine. In summary, he says there is more confidence, as long as things don't go wrong.

And it does not take much to note what could go wrong. Take this from the FT:

The threat that the US might refuse to raise the debt ceiling is a “giant Taser” freezing confidence in the world economy, Klaus Kleinfeld, chief executive of Alcoa, the US aluminium group, has warned.

Speaking as Alcoa reported strong growth in earnings for the third quarter, Mr Kleinfeld said the disputes in Washington were hurting confidence not just in the US but globally.

It just take a Republican or two for everything to fall off a cliff.

I'd love a recovery. The right recovery. A Green New Deal recovery.

But we're heading for no such thing as yet.