A ticking tax timebomb waiting to undermine the Tories

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This amusing in the Guardian:

Hundreds of thousands of families losing child benefit payments this year need to "get off their backsides" and fill in extra forms to avoid being fined by the taxman, the head of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs has said.

Lin Homer, chief executive of HMRC, said more than 200,000 families still needed to register for the self-assessment tax forms as part of the government's plans to take away child benefit for higher earners.

This is, of course, about the withdrawal of child benefit from those who have higher rate tax liabilities.

Now let's just imagine how this is going to go down with the average person caught out.

First there's a bill of quite likely well in excess of £1,000.

Then there's a fine for not registering for a tax return.

And significant penalties for filing it late.

Plus interest on late payment.

It could easily top £2,000 in each case.

In 200,000 potentially Tory voting swing households.

It's a ticking tax timebomb waiting to undermine the Tories.