Should Lynton Crosby walk Cameron’s talk?

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The Mirror headline this morning is:

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The suggestion is simple:

David Cameron’s election guru owns and runs a mysterious offshore company in Malta, the Mirror can reveal.

The link between Lynton Crosby and the notorious tax haven will cause acute embarrassment to the PM, who has described legal ploys to avoid tax as “morally wrong”.

Our investigation has found that Mr Crosby’s Maltese firm Rutland is run from the offices of a trust firm specialising in “wealth preservation” and hiding the true identity of company owners.

I'm quotes in the story:

Campaigner Richard Murphy, of Tax Research, said: “It’s legal for a non-dom to avoid tax on non-UK source income.

"The question is should the adviser to a party that says it wants to end tax haven abuse take advantage of that opportunity and stay in their post?”

That's a question for David Cameron to answer.