The government reveals its true tax haven spots

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According to the Jersey Evening Post today:

THE UK government is ‘very clear’ that it will not allow Jersey to be branded as a dodgy tax haven, a senior British politician has pledged.

UK Secretary of State for Justice Chris Grayling, who was in the Island yesterday on what he called a ‘fact finding visit’ after being elevated to the post last year, echoed Prime Minister David Cameron’s recent show of support for the Island.

As if to reveal the true neoliberal heart of the Coalition the report continued:

He said: ‘We are very clear that we are not going to allow and we do not want to see Jersey branded as a dodgy tax haven, which is absolutely not what it is.

‘Jersey is a reputable financial centre which plays an important part in global and international politics and business, and it should be seen as such.’

I'd just remind the UK government that France has just blacklisted Jersey as a non-cooperative tax haven.

Only one government can be right. I'm voting with the French.