David Mitchell on the Westminster Consensus

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I have already blogged on the Westminster Consensus today.

David Mitchell wrote about it, without using the name, in the Observer today, saying:

But ultimately, Reeves wasn't boring because of her presentational failings, because she lacks Churchill's or Bevan's or Russell Brand's charisma; it was because nothing she says seems to matter. Nothing any politician says on TV nowadays seems surprising or important, unless it's a gaffe. However dull the speaker, an audience will sit up and listen if what's being discussed might change their lives. But if the words are old and much repeated, even beautiful singing can be less interesting than a hard chair.

And that is the problem. Far too much of what is being said at Westminster means nothing to most people.

And that's why politics is not just boring but risks appearing irrelevant.

That of course will be the subject of another Venn diagram.