Parliament’s “unofficial opposition”, Margaret Hodge’s ever trenchant public accounts committee

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I could not help but be amused by a comment from Simon Jenkins in this morning's Guardian:

The latest body blow to the benighted [HS2] project came on Monday from parliament's "unofficial opposition", Margaret Hodge's ever trenchant public accounts committee.

As is now clear, the Green New Deal group ,of which I am a member, is opposed to HS2, but that was not my point.

The point is that we have come to an unusual situation where it is true that a single back bench committee, headed by a politician much older than all our party leaders, is now providing more opposition in this parliament than much  (not all) of the shadow front bench.

Three things follow from that observation. The first is that the PAC needs a much bigger budget to do its work properly.

The second is that other committees need to get their acts together to emulate it.

The third is that it's time for the opposition front bench to swing into action, please.