The missing part is the tax gap – video from the European Commission

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The EU issued a new video yesterday on the tax gap. Called The Missing Part, click on the picture to view it, or click here:

Screen shot 2013-09-03 at 20.36.16


As the EU says:

This short clip gives a dramatic depiction of how tax fraud and tax evasion affect our lives and communities. By portraying pieces missing from everyday items that symbolise our common values, it reminds us very vividly that one fifth of public money in Europe is lost to tax fraud and tax evasion. From education and jobs to healthcare and infrastructure, we become aware that the European Commission is working to help EU countries tackle this problem for everyone’s benefit.

The work on which this claim is made is my report on the EU tax gap in February 2012, here.

It's good to see they really appreciate the scale of this issue, unlike the UK government, who remain in firm denial about it.