There isn’t a private sector jobs cure to our current ills unless increasing poverty is the desired policy goal

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The TUC has explained why we're in recession despite the unemployment not being as bad as expected:

A new  TUC reports shows that seventy-nine percent of net job creation since June 2010 has taken place in industries where the average wage is less than £7.95 an hour. Just over one in five new employee jobs created since June 2010 have been in the highly paid computer programming, consultancy and related services industries, where the average hourly wage is £18.40. In the middle paid industries, which account for nearly three quarters of the UK workforce and where the average is between £7.95 and £17.40 per hour, there has been no net job creation since June 2010.

If the vast majority of new private sector jobs have been low paid unsurprisingly the net impact has been a reduced household capacity to spend and an increase in inequality between a small leite and the rest in the country - both being massively destructive to well being, whilst fuelling demand for many beenfits that are paid to those in work because the private sector does not pay enough to ensure people can afford l to live on what they are paid.

Let's not then pretend there is any private sector cure to our current ills if this is the direction of travel - unless increasing poverty is the desired policy goal, because there isn't on the basis of this evidence.