A privatisation for the sake of dogma for which all major political parties should hang their heads in shame

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The Royal Mail is to be privatised.

Labour did, of course, begin this fiasco. It was inevitable that the Coalition would continue it. Politicians of all shades need to hang their heads in shame.

There is no evidence that privatisation increases investment: the railways prove that. And privatisation does, anyway, increase the cost of investing.

There is ample evidence that privatisation gives rise to mass job losses and reductions in conditions of service when the UK needs even moderately paid jobs (and most in the Post Office are that, at best).

I know technology has moved some communication on, but not all.

And for remote communities the chance that privatisation will not increase the chance of isolation is, well, remote.

What is more, none of this makes financial sense: the Post Office is making some money now. So this is dogma driven, and nothing else. It's the proverbial selling of the family silver to give the private sector another chance to exploit ordinary people for the benefit of a few.

And yes, that is why it is right that unions oppose this privatisation that can only be harmful to us all.