TJN on Jersey’s new claims as to tis economic worth

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TJN have launched into an analysis of Jersey's new claims as to its economic worth to the UK, just as I have done. As is normally the case the TJN approach is different to mine, but fully complements it. I recommend the whole blog for the depth of its analysis. It concludes:

In summary, this document contains some interesting statistics, notably on the breakdown of assets it says are held through Jersey structures.

But when it tries to move from these figures to paint a picture of Jersey's 'contribution' to the United Kingdom, it quickly veers off into fantasy land.

Finally, another question emerges. Jersey, like many other secrecy jurisdictions, has been perpetrating tax and criminal abuses around the world, not just in Britain. The charge sheet here is far bigger, and far nastier. It's interesting to ask why Jersey has produced a selective report.

The more conspiratorially minded might suggest that this report is an effort to divide its critics, between those (such as development NGOs) who are angry at the abuses perpetrated against developing countries and others, and those who are more concerned with losses only to the UK.

I doubt Jersey is that clever, but you never know.