The People’s Assembly is saying the time for protest has arrived

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I received this email this afternoon:

Thanks to everyone who came to the People's Assembly last Saturday. Well over 4,000 people attended throughout the day. 

It brought together every organisation fighting and resisting austerity, for the first time since the financial crash over five years ago.

Recognising the energy, potential and hope of millions of people affected by austerity, it called for concrete action to be undertaken across the country.

This includes:

 - a mass national protest at the Tory Party conference on 29 September in Manchester;
 - a day of civil disobedience on 5 November in every town and city across the country;
 - local People's Assemblies to be established in every area possible;
 - a national demonstration in London in the new year

We now need to create an infrastructure that can support the local organisations and take forward the national initatives that were launched at the assembly. To do this, we need your support. We are launching an urgent financial appeal so we can raise the funds to do this.

Please consider making a monthly donation, or a one off donation if you prefer. You can do this on our website here:

Your support is indispensable in building on the determination and commitment of 22 June and taking the movement forward.

We will be contacting you over the next weeks and months about plans and actions. Video and pictures of the day will be avaliable on the website soon.

In the meantime, we are compiling a list of local People's Assembly activist meetings and events for the website. If you have one planned, or would like to plan one in your area please send an email

If you have photos or videos of the day please send them through

The PCS have organised a protest day for tomorrow (27 June) against the cuts announced by Osborne this afternoon. See the list of events here. They are asking for messages of support for use on social media to build up for the protest. Send messages to

The People’s Assembly Organising Committee

I think the time for organised and coordinated peaceful protest against the imposition of wholly unnecessary poverty  on millions in the UK has arrived.