Business as normal

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There is a surreal air to this morning.

Osborne wants to sell Lloyds when it remains a bank out of control.

There's enthusiasm for the appointment of a woman as COO at the Bank of England with less mention of the fact that she comes from a high Tory family. If that is not the maintenance of the system, what is?

And last night I was at a Labour One Nation tax event where Chris Wales, who is credited as founder of the Oxford Centre for Business Taxation was arguing that all the discussion of transparency and international tax was a side show as there was little or nothing we could do about it and the real issue of concern Labour should be addressing was why there as a £10,900 annual capital gains tax allowance, which he thought a matter of more significance. As an exercise in trying to distract attention it was absurd.

The world faces real issues of enormous significance and the perpetuation of the status quo by a process of distracting attention from reality is the main agenda for too many with vested interests.

I'm not sure if that is surreal or depressing; maybe it's both.