Deloitte fined for “violations of the law”

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The FT reports this morning:

Deloitte has agreed to a one-year suspension from soliciting new consulting work from hundreds of financial institutions and will pay $10m to New York as the state begins an unparalleled crackdown on independent consulting firms.

New York’s Department of Financial Services cited Deloitte’s “misconduct, violations of law, and lack of autonomy” in its review of anti-money laundering practices at Standard Chartered.

This is, of course, in the USA.

This is, of course, the firm Dave Hartnett joined recently.

This is, of course, the form where Bill Dodwell works, the man who in February said:

At a time where there is focus on professional ethics, one has to wonder whether there is now a need for an ethical code for campaigning charities.

I think the issue might be one Deloitte might need to address closer to home before demanding that I and some charities be regulated before being allowed to comment on tax.