BP is a model of failure: not a model for the civil service

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According to the Guardian this morning:

Lord Browne, the government's lead business adviser to the civil serviceand former BP chairman, will call for a royal commission into the civil service on Thursday, saying its structures, processes and lines of accountability are outdated.

I think there are much better lines of inquiry. First, why has BP done so much harm to the environment?

Second, why did BP get its Russian activities so wrong?

Third, why has BP worked so hard and for so long to create opacity in the extractive industries?

Fourth, why does BP oppose country-by-country reporting?

Fifth, why is its record on alternative energy so poor?

I could go on? But my point is a simple one: BP is a poorly run company whether operationally or financially that has sought to preserve its position by blunt opposition, the use of its power and a desire for opacity. It has failed to innovate. These are not qualities I want the civil service to copy.