The dawning realisation that underpins the G8 summit

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From the Guardian this morning comes this observation on the process that has lead to Cameron putting tax abuse at the heart of the G8 summit:

There is at minimum a dawning realisation that for too long the world has been operating a corporate tax system built at the time of the League of Nations and predicated on taxing the products of immobile and identifiably national factories built with bricks and mortar.

The piece, with which I broadly agree, concludes saying:

Paul Collier, Cameron's adviser on the G8 put it more simply saying that what we need is a statement from the G8 saying the world's leading economies will do whatever it takes to bring an end to what he calls the evil of corporate opacity. Above all greed has to be shackled once more by new laws and the constraints of conscience.

That's about as much as we could hope for at the G8.

But will we get it? And will country-by-country reporting on the agenda?