Almost half the UK would support increased borrowing to create jobs – politicians please note

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Labour List has reported:

47.7% of voters say that they would be happy to see higher borrowing if it meant higher spending on creating jobs and stimulating economic growth, whilst 39.2% said that they would prefer the government not to borrow more – even if that meant less investment in jobs and growth. Unsurprisingly Labour voters were most supportive of investment in jobs and growth (it having been a mantra for the party over the past two years) with 70.6% backing such a course of action. Yet a significant 22.2% of Labour voters would prefer the government to avoid borrowing more – even if that means less growth and fewer jobs.

Now it's just an opinion poll. But it's a reliable, independent poll, and I think it's telling. The cuts and austerity narrative is not nearly as strong as people think: in fact, if presented in the right way it is a minority view.

All political parties need to take note. The idea that cuts are good for us and the pain means it is working is moving into history.