Dave Hartnett takes all: Osita Mba takes the punishment. There is no justice in that

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As the Guardian notes this morning:

Until last summer the country's top tax official, Dave Hartnett is taking up a job with tax consultancy Deloitte. Does this matter? Yes, it does; both in its specifics, and the light it casts on the relationship between our governing elite and corporate interests.

Quite right. And they're right to criticise Hartnett too. But the most telling bit in what they have to say is this:

The contrast between his soft landing and the brutal treatment administered to Osita Mba, the whistleblower who exposed the Goldmans deal, is stark and troubling.

Quite so. Make life easy for big business at HMRC and get handsomely rewarded. Seek to uphold the law, tell the truth and keep parliament informed of what is really going on and get hounded.

And that happened on Hartnett's watch.