Starbucks’ cheque for £20 million is not in the post

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Do you remember that Starbucks said they'd pay £20 million if tax voluntarily last year?

Well according to Laura Kuennsberg at ITV they haven't quite got round to writing the cheque yet.

As she says:

While Google has been squirming in front of MPs, Starbucks has just admitted to me that they have not yet paid any of the millions pounds they promised they would pay to the government after a row over their tax before Christmas.

Back then their boss admitted that they might end up having to make a donation to charity because there is no mechanism for a company to pay tax in this way - paying an estimate after bowing to political and public pressure.

And it seems they have not yet been able to work out how to do it.

To many of us it might not seem that it is so difficult just to write a cheque?

What it really says though is something that's becoming too commonplace. Here we have a company claiming one thing and doing another. That seems to be the whole story of corporate tax these days.