Is this why Labour is moving so sharply to the right?

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I believe Labour is moving sharply to the right, and very quickly.

There's talk of sticking to Tory spending limits despite the disaster that delivered in 1997.

Deficit control is apparently vital, just when the economics of public debt and growth have been destroyed.

Child poverty can no longer be tackled in the way it was, and with it the aspiration of redistribution fades away.

And Blue labour is openly on the agenda, with which many have an issue.

And all this is because, apparently, the electorate won't buy any other ideas and if they did there'd be an economic disaster as a result of trying anything else.

If true at least some in Labour have conceded the economic argument to Osborne, the austerians, Hayek and the Institute for Economic Affairs.

To only slightly misquote Krugman, the confidence fairy is in town and has cast her wicked spell all over some in Labour.

UKIP could be one reason. This is likely the cause: Peter Kellner's suggestion that Labour is a long way from winning the next election.

The result is a giant tack towards not just the middle ground, but the right. And when the economics of the right have so spectacularly failed this is deeply worrying.

If this is the direction of Labour's travel (and of course, there is time for it to change and I may be wrong) then no wonder people are jaundiced with mainstream politics. This looks like a shift without conviction towards a policy without substance in pursuit of a goal not worth achieving. If it comes to pass do not be surprised if we end up with weak, ineffectual and failing government.

And that's when the far right move in.

Which is why the left need to be robust now.