Cameron falls short in the Wall Street Journal

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David Cameron has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today in which he says:

At the G-8 next month in Northern Ireland I will push for fairer taxes and greater transparency alongside more open trade.

First, tougher tax transparency rules. We must fight the scourge of tax evasion by promoting a new global standard for automatic information exchange between tax authorities. And we must tackle aggressive tax avoidance by encouraging better global reporting to tax authorities in both the developed and developing world; and by letting tax collectors and law enforcement find out who really owns and controls each company.

Second, we must lift the veil of secrecy that too often lets corrupt corporations and officials in some countries run rings around the law. The G-8 must move toward a global common standard for resource-extracting companies to report all payments to governments, and in turn for governments to report those revenues. This will encourage more investment in resource-rich countries and level the playing field for business.

If he delivers all the first para I'll be pleased.

But on the second he falls woefully short. This is already virtually a done deal with the USA and EU signed up. The demand has to be for full country-by-country reporting and he's letting the world down by not going for it and as a result is refusing to deliver a level playing field in all other business sectors.

It seems he's dedicated to assisting the continuation of abuse wherever he can, just like his Chancellor