The FT reckons Cameron couldn’t move right. Don’t you believe it

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When one of the most right wing commentators on the FT says this, you have to wonder what Cameron can do to move right:

This is already an exceptionally conservative government – there is little scope to move to the right without testing the limits of sound government, says Janan Ganesh

But I'm sure he will manage it. As Ganesh says:

Ukip wants to double prison capacity, impose a five-year ban on immigration for permanent settlement, and introduce tens of billions of pounds of tax cuts funded by a sketchy menu of spending cuts, including the bluffer’s favourite, abolishing quangos. Mainstream politicians have shunned these policies, not out of some cocooned disdain for John Bull, but because they are awful ideas.

All sound remarkably like Tory policy to me. Wait and see.