Is Windows 8 just cumber?

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The FT has reported this morning that:

Microsoft has given the strongest signal to date of a change of heart over its new Windows 8 operating system, as it revealed that the weak response to the software had wiped out underlying growth in its core business in the third quarter ended March.

Sometime, somewhere, someone is going to realise, soon, that there is such a concept as enough. Windows 8 may be indication of that: it is more than enough. It may well be that for many people it is just cumber (the wonderful word now almost entirely lost within encumber) and which means a hindrance, obstruction or burden.

This is when the green vision begins to become real.

And it is when we begin to realise that growth is not a panacea, not least because there is now no technological change anywhere in sight that will replace the growth created by the IT revolution.

The good news is that this will let us do something much more important. It will let us look at what we can do for each other, and not what we can own to differentiate ourselves from pour neighbour. The fact that this will require a Courageous State is just one those changes in mind set required to create a 21st century economy. But we will get there.