There are ample numbers of blogs available promoting the falsehoods of the right: there is no need for them to appear here as well

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Despite what many like to claim this blog is pretty much written in my spare time: it's why I work rather too many hours a day.

I write it to develop ideas, see them change and progress, and to encourage (I hope) others to do the same.

I am interested in comments. I have always been candid: I've never had much time for those who come here to abuse, reiterate the failed neoliberal mantras that got into a mess or who, rather bizarrely, claim the market provides and answer to all questions.

That's why the moderation policy says:

For a comment to be published I must be satisfied that:

1. It is legal;

2. It is polite;

3. It includes an argument that adds value to readers;

4. It appears factually accurate;

5. The commentator is genuine;

6. It is not questioning the fundamental tenets on which this blog is based.

This last point is important. Those who wish to argue that tax havens / secrecy jurisdictions are good things may do so, but not here. Likewise those promoting neoliberal economics may do so, but not here: propagating the delusion that an economy can be accurately modeled using counterfactual propositions about its nature is not something I wish to partake in, and will not allow.

The following are highly likely to be rejected:

1. Abusive and personal comments;

2. Rants;

3. Repetitive commenting from the same person;

4. Comments that duplicate a theme adequately covered by others;

5. Persistent comments from those promoting libertarian ideals far removed from the political mainstream.

I would stress: agreement with me is not a condition of a comment being accepted, but disagreement must be reasoned and be offered within the framework of understanding that this blog seeks to promote. This policy is necessary to make the comments section on each blog useful, meaningful and enjoyable for readers.

For those who disagree or think this an act of censorship I have one suggestion to make: please go and start a blog of your own. Free speech is valuable. I support it. It is what permits you to offer your opinion as readily as I offer mine. But nothing requires that I must offer your opinion on my site. To say so is an act of editorial freedom — an issue as important as that of free speech.

Right now a great many are trying to abuse this policy and I am working at the limits of my physical capability.

I will be hitting the delete button very hard on the next few weeks, without any compunction at all. There are ample numbers of blogs available promoting the falsehoods of the right: there is no need for them to appear here as well.