Osborne has got the economics of cutting badly wrong, again

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The BBC has reported:

The government is to announce further spending cuts in Wednesday's Budget, with the savings going to large-scale infrastructure projects designed to boost economic growth.

Most Whitehall departments will have to cut 2% of their spending over the next two years, amounting to about £2.5bn.

But health, schools and HM Revenue & Customs budgets will be unaffected.

The cuts come on top of the 3% spending reductions announced for the next two years in last year's Autumn Statement.

The is clueless economics.

We don't need to do a shuffle between government departments at this moment, resulting in immediate loss of jobs and spending power in some to release some extra potential spending in others in the future. What we need is an absolute increase in government spending right now and Osborne has got things badly wrong again.

This pl;an can only make recession more likely. Sucking money out of the economy with immediate effect - which it will do - is the last thing we want.