A glimmer of hope for the bedroom tax legal campaign from Spain

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For those seeking to legally challenge the Bedroom Tax and caps on benefits that will force tens of thousands of people to kove in the UK this report from the FT this morning looks like good news:

Campaigners in Spain hailed a rare legal victory over the country’s banks and government when Europe’s highest court struck down a draconian foreclosure law that had come to symbolise the brutal fallout from the eurozone’s debt crisis.

The decision by the European Court of Justice will give Spanish courts new powers to delay or freeze the eviction of home buyers who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. It will add to rising public pressure on the government in Madrid to change a tough mortgage regime that has allowed banks to evict tens of thousands of struggling homeowners.

If homeowners in debt arrears who know that this gives the right to forfeiture can't be evicted in Spain what right has our government got to evict because of arbitrary rules on which room a person sleeps in?

I am sure there are many nuances to this, but the need for legal challenges to what is happening is urgent and I warmly applaud those making them.