Tax Justice, the Dean of Jersey and non-cooperation

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In 2008 the Tax Justice Network sent the Very Dean of Jersey, the Rev Bob Keys, an open letter. John Christensen did so because the Dean had denied that greed played any part in the island's financial services industry or that Jersey had played any role in the then developing world financial crisis. This was important: the Dean sits in the States of Jersey - its parliament, and we were concerned that he was in straightforward denial of the truth.

He never replied.

Such non-cooperation seems like it may be habitual. On Saturday the BBC reported:

The Anglican Dean of Jersey has been suspended over concerns about his handling of a parishioner's complaint. The Bishop of Winchester earlier withdrew the commission of the Very Reverend Robert Key following the publication of a diocesan report.The Safeguarding Panel found there were failures in the implementation of policies in relation to a complaint by a vulnerable adult parishioner in 2008. The complaint concerned the alleged abusive behaviour of a churchwarden.

A statement from the diocese said the bishop, the Right Reverend Tim Dakin, would begin an investigation to examine "an apparent failure to take the complaint seriously, a perceived lack of neutrality, poor communication and lack of action".

Mr Dakin said he was particularly disappointed the Dean of Jersey had "refused to cooperate with the review".

Mr Key was not available for comment.

It seems he never is.

If the Bishop has to wait as long for a reply as we have this is going to take some time to resolve.