So people have rumbled George Osborne, at last. Now can we have Plan B, please?

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As the Guardian notes:

With 10 days until George Osborne delivers his crucial fourth budget, an Opinium/Observer poll shows almost three times as many voters (58%) believe the austerity drive is harming the economy as those who think it is the correct medicine to restore it to health (20%).

It's taken people remarkably long time to twig this, but in the light of near universal support for the plan in the media (including almost all at the BBC bar Paul Mason, and some at the Guardian) this is not surprising. And some parts of Labour have not helped too. Still, I was always sure that people would eventually realise that the way to repay your debt is not to cut your income, which is what the Austerian's plan involves.

But can we have a real Plan B soon, please, someone? Compass have done it. I've done it. The Green New Deal have done it. Others have done it. We just need someone like Labour to do it now.