Now Grant Thornton come out in favour of Channel Islands’ tax haven abuse

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Last week it was KPMG who were shouting that the Channel Islands that Jersey and Guernsey should not cooperate with the UK on tax issues.

This week it is Grant Thornton. As the Jersey Evening Post reports:

A LEADING financial professional has urged the States to tell the UK that Jersey has had enough of what has become a ‘one way relationship’ and refuse to sign up to a tax disclosure deal.

John Shenton of Grant Thornton says that Jersey and Guernsey need to ‘stand firm’ and reject a tax deal with the UK like the one the Isle of Man agreed to last week.

By their words shall we know them. And on this issue it is clear that these accountants are supporting the opacity that permits tax abuse in all its forms.

No wonder we call them the pinstripe mafia.