Ed Miliband on corporate tax transparency

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Ed Miliband was on Marr this morning.

First of all, best wishes to Andrew Marr and his family.

Second, let's look at what Ed Miliband said. Given pressure on my own time I can't comment on more than the one issue that really concerns me, and there is one of those. He announced this morning that the issue of transparency is vital with regard to corporation tax, which is a point I have made, often.

Miliband has recognised that unless we know which companies are paying tax where and on what profits then we cannot have an informed debate on whether companies are paying the right amount of tax in the right place at the right time.

The result is that Ed Miliband has said he wants to review how transparency can be applied to companies operating in this country.

I am not sure that's a commitment to full country-by-country reporting as yet, but I warmly welcome this as a move in the right direction and will watch with interest how this develops because without this change there is no way that major companies can be held to account for what they do if we do not know what it is.