Cayman Prime Minister arrested on suspicion of corruption – for misuse of a credit card

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It's been reported that:

The top official in the Cayman Islands was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of corruption in the famed Caribbean tax haven.

Premier McKeeva Bush was arrested at his home Tuesday morning in the West Bay section of Grand Cayman island by officers from the financial unit of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, said spokeswoman Janet Dougall.

The 57-year-old Bush was detained "in connection with a number of ongoing police investigations", Dougall said in a statement. Those include probes into suspected theft related to misuse of a government credit card and breach of trust for the alleged importation of unspecified explosive substances without valid permits.

Now explosives without permits sounds bad - but I reserve judgement. These things are easy to find is someone is really determined. What really gets me is he's been arrested for misuse of a credit card.

Oh come on! In one of the most serious tax havens in the world, where HSBC for a start was assisting money laundering on a grand scale the most you can accuse the prime minister for his misuse of a credit card?

This, to be polite, is the world going mad. He may deserve to be under suspicion, but my charge sheet may be a little more serious than that. Let's start with seeking to undermine the democratic states of the world by deliberately subverting their rule of law and move on from there, shall we?