The EU’s planning a divorce

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As an accounting practitioner I've seen a few divorces in my time, and how people prepare for them, consciously or not. They began to steel themselves for life alone; contingency plans made; new alliances are tested, budgets are thought through. Only then do they leave. Passion often follows the testing, and does not precede it.

In that case I read this with interest in the FT this morning:

EU officials have begun work on a plan to create a long-term budget without the UK in a move that reflects mounting frustration that Britain’s demand for a spending freeze cannot be reconciled with the rest of the bloc.

Both EU officials and national diplomats have been studying the legal and technical feasibility of devising such a budget, according to people familiar with the discussions, ahead of a two-day summit beginning on Thursday in Brussels, where the EU’s 27 heads of government will try to reach an agreement on the long-term budget.

 That looks like a divorce is on the way to me.
And since we'll lose, badly, it's time for us to be nice, which I don't see happening.