There is a real message of hope in Obama’s election for those on the left who think we can beat the 1%

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When the Telegraph can write this there is something to note:

When Mr Obama wins the votes of unmarried women by 38 points, it speaks to an abject failure of the Republican Party to rein in a vocal minority who represent the extreme fringes of what is considered acceptable to the majority of Americans.

In fact, by the look of it the only demographic where Romney really won was white males. Now I know I'm one of them, but Romney winning in that grouping doesn't mean we're all tarred with the same brush or ideology.

What this does say though - and I think, by the way, that this scenario is heavily replicated in the UK - is that just because white males make a lot of noise (I plead guilty) doesn't mean they are the only interest group needing to be served. In fact, the very opposite needs to be the case.

The message is loud and clear: the majority of white male prevailing prejudices are a minority pursuit that bias towards the interests of the 1% which makes them very noticeable and yet, and vitally,  democracy has the power to contain this agenda, and we have to pay very, very serious attention to that fact and ensure we mobilise those who can deliver for the majority. Those who must mobilise are the mass of people in this country for whom sensible, redistributive, caring, one nation, discrimination free politics can deliver enormous gains in well-being, into which agenda tax justice fits perfectly.

There's an enormous message of hope in this.

But it means people have to believe politicians will deliver for them - and that's a challenge for all parties on the left (and maybe even the sane elements on the right).