It’s a long time before debate on a tax general anti-avoidance principle is going to be over

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Catherine McKinnell MP spoke at the ICAEW New Era event last evening and added much of value.

What is very clear is that she has no intention of giving David Gauke an easy ride. One issue she clearly is going to run with is his proposal for a a General Anti-Abuse Rule for tax - which is his pale, watered down version of Graham Aaranson's already weak proposal for a general anti-avoidance rule. I described Gauke's suggestion as "wallpaper" at the meeting.

McKinnell made clear she wants something much stronger. That's why Michael Meacher's General Anti-Tax Avoidance Principle Bill fits the brief so well. It does what Gauke says he wants and what his Bill will never do. Sure, I'm biased: I wrote Michael's Bill, but this one is going to run  and run.