The best economics on the web this morning is on the TUC’s blog

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For those who want to know why the economy is in a mess, and how Osborne got it all wrong there are two outstanding articles to read this morning.

The first is by Duncan Weldon. It's entitled 'Fiscal Multipliers, the IMF & the OBR' - and yes, Duncan can do geek - because all good economists can - but this is actually highly accessible and shows why the IMF, Osborne and all the austerians got their assumptions so wrong.

The other is by Owen Tudor., and it's entitled Keynes was right, IMF admits. And the deficit fetishists are wrong.

I warmly recommend both.

And yes, they are both TUC colleagues. And yes,  I'm proud of that - and the fact we did get this right all along. Austerity does not work.