If only Bill, if only Bono….then we’d have real change and no need for “innovative financing for development”

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The Elysee Palace have issued a press release that says (near enough):

The President of the Republic received together this afternoon, at the Elysee Palace, Mr Bill Gates, co-chair of the foundation "Bill and Melinda Gates," and Bono, co-founder of the non-governmental organization "ONE". The Minister for Development, Mr. Pascal CANFIN participated in the interview.

This meeting enabled a detailed exchange on the challenges in the field of development and international solidarity, especially in Africa where the President of the Republic on Friday and Saturday will his first trip since his inauguration.

And then it says:

The interview revealed a convergence of views on strong measures to improve financial transparency and the fight against corruption. Engaged in negotiations in Brussels and Strasbourg, France actively supports the adoption of an ambitious European directive aimed at strengthening transparency obligations of accounts mining and forestry.

If only that transparency extended to IT companies in developing countries.

And to music sales around the world.

If only.... because then we'd have a great deal more tax paid by companies under the control or influence of Gates and Bono and as a result a great deal more money available for development and there'd be no need for this to fund development:

The meeting also focused on the need for innovative financing for development, in particular through the implementation of a tax on financial transactions. 

Walk the talk guys. That's all we ask.