Never let it be said there’s corruption in the Isle of Man – even when the Attorney General’s in the dock

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Manx Radio has reported:

The Attorney General and the Deputy Assessor of Income Tax have appeared before magistrates in Douglas this morning. Stephen Harding and Colin Goodwin are charged with a series of offences.

Mr Harding, the Attorney General, faces a total of six including forgery and perjury. Mr Goodwin is charged with three offences, one jointly with Mr Harding, of acts against public justice.

The two men only spoke to give their name, age and addresses.

Proceedings were adjourned until November 21st.

I've long argued that corruption is endemic in secrecy jurisdictions. I stress: these two are innocent until proven guilty. I also add that it's to the Isle of Man's credit that this issue has not been swept under the carpet. But nothing makes me change my ind on my generic claim. Indeed, I think it may be reinforced. I will watch the case with interest.