The five pledges I want from Labour

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Tony Blair once offered a pledge card to secure votes. I happen to think they're a good idea.

Here's are the commitments I want from Labour:

1. Job creation through a Green new Deal to increase tax paid and reduce welfare benefits to clear the deficit

2. Tackle the tax gap to close the deficit and restore pensions

3. Recreate the NHS, social and welfare services under public control for the benefit of all

4. Break up the banks so they can never again bring our economy to its knees

5. Build social housing to create jobs, real wealth and to provide  a home  with long term security for all families

You could tidy the wording: this is a Sunday morning post-breakfast effort. The reality is though that these measures tackle people's fears, and offer hope at the same time. They're the essential combination for any party seeking power in 2015.