I don’t say this often, but Stephanie Flanders got Hayek’s supporters right

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I managed to catch only part of Stephanie Flanders on Hayek last night: it was deeply hidden in the menu of the Dutch hotel room where I was staying. So what I say here may be partial, but I got the end of it, which I think was what mattered.

As she concluded, the right wing neoliberal idea, beloved of so many trolls, the Institute for Economic Affairs , the Adam Smith Institute and so many other Tory think tanks is, as I think she put it, an ideology of closing down all regulation  withdrawing government, standing back and hoping for the best.

And as her tone but not words made clear, that's an ideology of the irresponsible only subscribed to by those from beyond the paramaters of reason.

And as her words put it' she can't see that happening in her lifetime. I hope she's right because we have to remember, this is the logic of tax havens. And Tories want to turn the UK into a tax haven.

Her optimism may be misplaced. Hayek's philosophy may be irresponsible beyond most people's imaginations, but it appeals to the rich and powerful. The sort who treat protest like scum and want to turn the dogs on people.  The sort who call the police plebs.

Thatcher may have eventually backed off from Hayek. Her followers may still not do so. Flanders was right, I think, but only if we're vigilant and only if we continuously take on these insidious people.